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Rho - Riverside, CA 10/6/21, updated 1/9/21

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Meet Rho! She is a 4 yr old, 67 lb, female spayed Husky/Bull terrier mix.

Rho is a housebroken, active, loyal girl who would make an incredible companion! She gets easily attached to her favorite people, and wants to be their shadow. Cuddling, hiking, and hanging out are her favorite activities!  She will chase cats and other small creatures so we don't recommend them in her new home. That said, Rho loves nice dogs and she loves playdates with nice pups! She did live with other dogs in her previous home. She is the sweetest girl, is potty trained in her foster home, and loves to cuddle. 


Sadly, when Rho was relinquished, she was found to have health concerns, and upon further diagnosis, it was discovered that she has lymphoma - cancer. Her rescue, Foster Army, took her to an oncologist and they have started chemotherapy treatment. She is doing great with her chemotherapy!  Her rescue will happily discuss her status with any interested adopter!!  Right now, nobody knows how long she may have...some live with lymphoma for a long time and some cannot. Her vet for the chemo is in Ontario, CA and adopters just need to be close enough for a home check and continue her treatment. Her rescue will be covering her chemo until it is complete, and any further treatment after that (follow up appointments, etc) would be the responsibility of the adopter. She is looking for a loving home so that she can live life to its fullest for however long that is.  Rho is so deserving of being loved until it is her time...please, won't somebody find room for her?  She has SO much love to give! 

Rho's adopter would have to agree to a home visit.  For all information please visit: or email:

Memphis - Pittsburg, CA ADOPTED!! (1/31/21)

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Meet Memphis!  He is an ~12 yr old, 7 lb, neutered male Chihuahua type.

Memphis needs a REALLY special forever home with people who are really willing to step up to the plate for him. It is a big ask but we know his hero is out there.  Memphis came to his rescue (Umbrella of Hope) from San Jose Animal Care Center.


His foster mom says this about him "Memphis is a sweet soul. He likes cuddling and sleeping near someone, it’s how he spends most of his time. He is good with other dogs, we have not seen him with cats but expect to be fine as he is a mellow fellow. He keeps to himself around other animals, friendly when approached. He warms to strangers quickly and is not scared around new human faces. He will need a gentle touch with kids. He tolerates his crate and enjoys car rides. He likes his kibble and needs to be on a special diet for his bladder. He signals when he needs to go outside and can adjust to the pattern of being let outside easily. At the moment he is recovering from surgery and seems content though stationary". 

Memphis is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, free of parasites and has had senior labwork and a dental cleaning. Memphis was born with one of his eyes underdeveloped -- it does not bother him and is cosmetic in nature only.


Memphis is on a very cheap daily medication for arthritis and thyroid (around $5/month TOTAL per GoodRx) and he will come with a 3 month supply plus refills authorized for a year at the pharmacy of your choice (at your expense). Memphis had a bladder stone removed and we have sent it off for analysis. We expect that he will need to eat a prescription food that runs around $25/month.We hope to fundraise enough money to pay for 1 year of food for his new family and will set up auto-shipments through Chewy!


Memphis is fostered in the SF Bay Area of CA and he is both adoptable to people willing to come to us to adopt and we will also consider transporting him to major US airports for flexible adopters willing to work with the volunteer flight attendants who escort them in-cabin on STANDBY flights in their spare time. If you are interested in adopting, please send a detailed email that mentions details from this bio to Memphis's adoption fee is waived!!

Fosse - Pittsburg, CA 1/31/21 still available 4/4/21

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Meet Fosse!  He is an 18 yr old, 27 lb, neutered male Cocker Spaniel mix (maybe Lhasa Apso?)

Poor Fosse - 18 years old and thrown away by his family.  Umbrella of Hope rescued him from the San Jose Animal Care Center after he was surrendered for euthanasia for being vision and hearing impaired.


His foster mom says this "Fosse is an old fellow. He’s mostly agreeable, but doesn’t care for too much petting all at once. We think it is because he does not see or hear well and it startles him but he is learning that petting is nice and his meds seem to have helped him be more comfortable He is very food motivated, and likes to patrol the floor for snacks. His rear end is on the weak side, so sometimes he has trouble walking, but it doesn’t stop him. We are hoping his arthritis meds help with this. He would need to be carried if there are more than a few stairs.  He doesn’t see well, or hear well, and will snap if approached quickly. It’s best to let him know before you are approaching him. We are hoping that once he feels better he will be less likely to do this and his attitude has improved greatly with a few weeks and appropriate arthritis meds. He chases cats but likes other dogs as long as they are not obnoxious and constantly in his face. He prefers wet food, or kibble soaked in water until it’s soft."


He has earned the right at his age to be a grumpy old man!  Fosse would do best in a house without cats, kids, or stairs (cats that live on a different level would be fine). We do not make hard-line rules for children as they are all different but our best estimation would be children over the age of 12. Fosse appears to be housebroken once he knows his way around and is okay in the crate and in the car. He does walk on a leash but is slow and does not want to go far - maybe he would enjoy a stroller?.

Fosse is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and free of parasites. He has had senior labwork which is pretty unremarkable for his age. He had a dental cleaning but our vet decided that his various lumps and bumps (including one large skin tag on his neck) do not need to come off.


He is on two very cheap medications for arthritis that will run less than $10/month per GoodRx. He will come with a three month supply and have refills authorized for one year at the adopter's expense at the pharmacy of their choice. 


We'd like Fosse to stay within approximately 300 miles and we may have volunteers willing to meet partway for longer distances as he is too big for us to fly in-cabin. There is no adoption fee for Fosse however an application is required and regular adoption criteria apply. If you are interested in adopting, please send a detailed email that mentions details from this bio to

Starlight Express - Pittsburg, CA ADOPTED!! (1/31/21)

Starlight Express 1.1.jpg
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Meet Starlight Express!  He's a 2 yr old, 12 lb, neutered male Chihuahua x Dachshund!

Starlight Express came to Umbrella of Hope from the San Jose Animal Care Center as part of an animal cruelty case.  Starlight was attacked by another dog A YEAR AGO and no treatment was pursued by his owners -- they just let him be. An investigation has been done, evidence was collected and animal control will be pursuing a case with the proper authorities. Starlight has been released into our care and he is looking for a local foster or any distance forever home.


Starlight is in a foster home now but since he is a young dog looking to PLAY PLAY PLAY the other senior dogs in the home are boring him and he wants a family with FUN dogs! He is sporting a temporary cart right now (thanks Dr Cree!) and has been measured for a permanent one that is custom for him. Unlike most dogs with spinal injuries, Starlight DOES have control of his bladder and bowels and is mostly housebroken and only requiring a couple of verbal corrections when trying to mark on his first day. He gets along in the home with or without his wheelchair. He also has several "drag bags"  to assist him with sliding on the floors - it is a harness attached to a bag that he wears that lets him glide on floors.


This dog does not know he has a disability and it does not define him in any way. His foster mom says this about him "OMG this guy is like the energizer bunny with sooooo much energy. No one can stop him in his tracks.... NO ONE!!! His first steps into our home was greeting each dog with sniffs and a wagging tail (we have 6 senior dogs over 7). He wanted to be the center and play with all of them. He went on his first walk for about 20 minutes. He looked back at us as to say.... “hurry up people, I’m not tired” and so we went for another 20 minutes. All I can say is if you LOVE long walks then Starlight is the perfect match for you. He’s happy and he loves to gooooooooooo!!!


I am sorry to say he is NOT a fan of cats. He’s tried to go after them at our vets office (and wouldn’t let up). If cats were on a different level of the home, this could work. He is not aggressive in a mean way but in a I-want-to-chase-you-and-play way and cats are NOT amused by this. He would be fine with other dogs that want to play but he does respect their boundaries if they don’t. It takes him a few times but he gets it. He will beg and beg and beg them to play.


He does love toys. Signing him up for training classes would boost up his confidence (like he needs more ) Starlight doesn’t like the crate but he getting used to it. His favorite thing is neck rubs. He LOVES his neck massaged and rubbed. It’s the sweetest thing. He loves roaming the backyard too. He would do really well in a home with children who know he’s not the “graceful straight walking dog” and can allow him room to walk (or drag). He tries to walk on all fours at times but it makes him clumsy".


He is fostered in the SF Bay Area of CA and we will consider both driving distance ("local") adoptions as well as transporting him to major US airports for flexible adopters willing to work with the volunteer flight attendants who escort them in-cabin on STANDBY flights in their spare time. He is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and free of parasites. If you are interested in adopting, please send a detailed email that mentions details from this bio to

Cooper - Fullerton, CA 2/22/21

Cooper CA 1.0.jpg
Cooper CA 1.1.jpg

Meet Cooper!  He is a 13 yr old, 29 lb, neutered male Cocker Spaniel.

Sweetest Cooper!  Cooper was adopted out by our rescue (Barks of Love Animal Rescue) 10 years ago. He was recently returned due to his elderly family no longer being able to care for him.


When Cooper came to live with us he had some fatty masses on various parts of his body, a yeasty skin infection, was in need of a dental and we later discovered untreated glaucoma and dry eye. We were able to remove all the masses, give him a much needed dental and clear up the skin infection. He's doing so much better!


He is now on monthly meds for his eyes and in the future may need to see an ophthalmologist. Cooper is a super sweet boy! He loves everyone he meets and is great with kids! He is very food motivated, and will even roll over for a treat. Cooper is housebroken and does fine in the car. He likes to go for leisurely strolls around his neighborhood and will be a great companion to laze around with! He is great with other dogs but should not go to a home with cats.


We do limit adoptions to the Orange County, CA area.  Interested parties can email:

Mathilda Broadway - Pittsburg, CA ADOPTED!! 2/22/21

Mathilda Broadway 1.1.jpg
Mathilda Broadway 1.2.jpg
Mathilda Broadway 1.0.jpg
Mathilda Broadway 1.3.jpg

Meet Mathilda Broadway!  She is a 7-10 yr old, 7 lb, spayed female toy poodle mix.

Miss Mathilda (aka Tillie) joins Umbrella of Hope from San Jose Animal Care Center after her second owner died. She was impounded from the home that she lived in after her first owner also passed away. She is spayed, microchipped, vaccinated and parasite free. She has had labwork that shows she is healthy. She was recently groomed to make sure her hair and skin were in tip top shape.

Her foster mom says this about her: She loves her person! Wants to be around them 24 /7. She sneaks in the sweetest most gentle kisses whenever she can. She gets along great with other dogs and cats. Enjoys people but will alert her chosen person if someone else comes in the room. She travels well in a crate. Prefers to sleep with her people in their bed or in a dog bed right beside their bed. She loves going for walks and making new friends along the way.


She does great going potty outside but doesn't ask to go out. If you don't pay attention she may have an accident in the house. She loves food and will hang out with you in the kitchen while you are cooking. She loves the homemade food in her foster home and would love if someone would continue making her food or adding homemade chicken to her dog food.


She gets excited to see her person and will show you when she is excited by jumping up and down and dancing. She is a happy girl and her favorite thing to do is cuddle on the couch and watch Netflix or dateline episodes with her person. You will often find her on a fuzzy blanket making biscuits ( like a cat) and fall asleep with the blanket in her mouth.


Tillie has a considerable heart murmur (Grade 4/6) which is unusual in such a young dog and she is currently completely asymptomatic. It could be that she is older than initially estimated (our vet thought she was around 5, we updated it to an estimated 7-10) or she could have drawn the wrong straw in genetics. She had the workup on 1/20/2021 and the echocardiogram said she has an enlarged heart with both mitral and tricuspid valve thickening and regurgitation. She will be on a medication called pimobendan twice a day for life and it generally runs around $25/month. She will need at least annual echocardiograms (usually around $500 each) and she will need to see a cardiologist regularly. Her new family must be willing and able to provide these things for her. We will send her with a year's worth of medication at her current dose.


Mathilda will also require regular, professional grooming every 4-6 weeks (see her intake picture #4 -- yikes). Of course, if you are able to do this yourself we do not require you send her to a groomer but keeping her hair in tip top shape requires some effort and talent and most people must utilize a professional for this.


 If you are interested in adopting Matilda, please send a detailed email that shows you have thoroughly read what she needs and how you are willing to provide it including her grooming and medical costs. Our email address is: We would be happy to provide a copy of her cardiology notes for you to run by your veterinarian if desired.  

We can transport to most major US airports on standby flights (pets are escorted in cabin). We ask adopters to send us a flight carrier from Amazon (they can keep it after the transport) as well as pay for the heath certificate and any flight fees ($50-$200 usually) but this is IN LIEU OF any adoption fee. They must be flexible enough to work with STANDBY flights.

Evan Hansen - Pittsburg, CA ADOPTED!! 3/7/21

Evan Hansen 1.0.jpg
Evan Hansen 1.2.jpg
Evan Hansen 1.1.jpg
Evan Hansen 1.3.jpg

Meet Evan Hansen!  He's a 15 yr old, 17 lb, neutered male Miniature Poodle Mix.

Evan came to Umbrella of Hope from San Jose Animal Care Center and he needed some serious TLC. Even’s teeth were BAD … He needed a significant dental and also needed an echocardiogram for his heart murmur . He is hard of hearing and does not see very well but he learns his way around quickly.


His echocardiograpm showed that he will be on two heart medications (pimobendan and furosemide). We are happy to provide copies of his echo report to any interested adopters prior to adoption in order to show your veterinarian -- however, please remember that he is an old guy. So by age or heart murmur, he should be considered a hospice adoption. Our vet feels that he has around 1 year of quality life left and this is an educated GUESStimate.


He will also be on arthritis medication and the total for his three meds is expected to cost around $25-30/month. He will come with a 3 month supply of each and refills authorized at the pharmacy of your choice (at your expense) for 1 year.


Now, more fun information!  A little about Evan from his foster home – “Evan is a wanderer .. he spends his days wandering around the backyard. He’s hesitant to come inside most the time. But once he’s inside he settles down. He LOVES other dogs and wants to follow them everywhere. He has a crush on My Fair Lady who is another Umbrella of Hope foster in the home and just wants to sniff and kiss her. Unfortunately for him, she’s not interested and he does respect her boundaries. His lack of vision or hearing doesn’t stop him from finding his way around. He will give you eye contact for approval.


Although he’s hesitant of most people he does respond (reluctantly). As he’s more comfortable we anticipate him warming up to people. He hasn’t had any accidents in his foster home but he did try to mark his territory. That has since been resolved with belly bands and is very typical for dogs in new environments.


Older children only in the home is preferred since he may react to sudden movements. He did sniff out the cats at our vets office and we can certainly test him further, if needed. Evan takes himself to bed at night. He sleeps in an x-pen with his favorite bed and doesn’t wake up until morning. He’s quiet in the kennel for car rides after a couple of minutes. He takes his meds with no issues and he’s not a picky eater.


Toys do not interest him just yet. He’s good on a leash but wants to pull and go go go. I strongly suggest a harness for easy handling. He LOVES his walks.”


He is fostered in the SF Bay Area of CA and we will consider transporting him to major US airports for flexible adopters willing to work with the volunteer flight attendants who escort them in-cabin on STANDBY flights in their spare time. We ask that if we transport that the adoptive home cover the cost of a airline approved carrier (you will get to keep) as well as health certificate and flight fees if needed. This usually runs around $100-$200 and is in lieu of an adoption fee which is waived.  All interested individuals can email:

Stockpot - Sacramento, CA 4/4/21

Stockpot 1.0.jpg
Stockpot 1.1.jpg
Stockpot 1.3.jpg
Stockpot 1.2.jpg

Meet Stockpot!  He is a 13 yr old, 50 lbs (overweight), neutered male Australian Cattle Dog.

Stockpot came to Umbrella of Hope from San Jose Animal Care Center where he was surrendered for euthanasia. Stockpot is blind, mostly deaf, arthritic, and very overweight.


His foster mom writes, Stockpot has just settled in and we would describe his personality as 'blinking potato'.  He's low energy! He likes to mosey around the yard all day and find nooks and crannies to nap in. He prefers to be outside during the day but is allowed to come and go in and out as he chooses. Since he is blind, he sometimes gets 'stuck' in closets or hallways or bathrooms and will bark his unhappiness until we find him and lead him away. We have a vibrating (not shocking) collar on him to get his attention. We also have a Tile tracker on him so that we can find him in the yard as he likes to sleep under bushes.


He is not super excited about walks but we are making him go a block to the mailbox twice a day because it will help him lose weight. He is a good eater and is on a low fat senior food to help him lose weight. He takes his meds in peanut butter. We have added in Stella & Chewy's patties to make it more appetizing.


We have not crated him, but he is in a pen at night. I do not think we would trust him to be free but we think once he acclimates he will be considered housetrained. He is indifferent to the car but he rides fine. He is fine with other dogs but also indifferent. We do not have cats so he has not been tested, but they would have an advantage over him because he can't see and is fat and can't run. We would recommend him for an adult only home or a home with older children as he is pretty fragile. Since he can't see, he does not like being poked and pulled on and so quiet homes would be best. We are hoping more of a personality comes out as he settles in and feels more at home and has arthritis meds on board. We are hoping a breed enthusiast feels sorry for him and wants to give him a retirement home!"

Stockpot has been recently neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and is free of parasites. He had senior labwork that showed he was a little anemic, but nothing that requires treatment other than a good diet. He is overweight and our vet says he needs to lose 8-10 lbs to be healthy and keep his joints comfortable He takes medication for arthritis and thyroid that we expect will run about $20/month. He will come with a 3 month supply and authorized refills of the prescription meds for one year at an adopters expense at the pharmacy of their choice.


His teeth are worn but are not bothering him and our vet says that the treatment for them would not enhance his quality of life He does not have a terminal diagnosis but just due to age, obesity, arthritis, being blind and mostly deaf and thyroid, our vet feels that he has about a year of quality life left. She did say that if he lost enough weight he could possibly have longer.


He is fostered in the Sacramento Area of CA and will only be available to people willing to come to us to adopt as the COVID situation has limited our transport options for the near future. However, meeting halfway on reasonable ground transports might be feasible. We just think his family would probably want to meet him prior to committing to him as he has a dull personality. There is no adoption fee for Stockpot as he is a member of our Sunset Club for Hospice Dogs however, an application is required and regular adoption criteria apply. If you are interested in adopting, please send a detailed email that mentions details from this bio to

Galadriel - Oakland, CA 4/4/21

Galadriel 1.1.jpg
Galadriel 1.2.jpg
Galadriel 1.0.jpg

Meet Galadriel!  She is a 15 yr old, 14 lb, spayed female Poodle mix.

This dog needs an ANGEL of an adopter who understands she was horrifically neglected for a large part of her life and is slow to trust.  She needs a quiet home who will allow her time to realize that she is loved and cared for, she is heartbreaking.


We think she is beautiful despite the lack of medical care or hygiene care that she should have received from her previous family. Galadriel came to Umbrella of Hope from San Jose Animal Care Center . Her ears were so badly infected, they took months to resolve.


She also had masses that have been biopsied and were benign. She also was in bad need of a dental cleaning which she had and is feeling so much better . Her coat was matted and hurting her. She had a grooming and felt better. She needed a short cut so the vet could see everything going on under that fur.


Here are notes from her foster mom:  Galadriel was a mess when she came into rescue. Her ears were so badly infected that one had to be partially amputated. After a lot of treatment, it’s all healing nicely and her poodley hair is curly enough that it isn’t all that noticeable. Fortunately she doesn’t blame people for her woes and is a great companion. A good name for her would be “Shadow” because she’s always nearby. I have dog beds all over the house and if I look down, she’ll be napping in the closest one – following me as I move around. Picking up a dog bed and tossing it around is one of her favorite “sports”. Once it lands in the right spot, she settles in for a nap. Unless she’s decided that she needs her nap on your lap. Then it is up the couch steps and PLOP! Anything you happen to be holding gets nosed away so she can get the scratchies she wants.


She has legs that are really long for her body and is kind of awkward – would never make it in a circus act! She does not jump up onto the furniture and stumbles up/down the doggie steps. But the klutziness adds to the fun of watching her play. If she sees you might be getting ready to go out, she bounces all over in the excitement of maybe getting a walk. She’s not used to a leash but doesn’t pull and I believe she’d learn very quickly.


For our car rides, she’s been on the back seat and attached to it with a short leash. She settles right down and takes a nap. No anxiety, no problems. She does this so well that I haven’t bothered to try a crate or kennel. She pretty much ignores my two other dogs and even tolerates my neighbor’s visiting puppy. She’ll nip if puppy gets too pesky but it’s to warn him, not to harm him.


I feed a feral cat on my deck and Galadriel will chase it if she sees it. Her hearing is very poor and she has little vision in one eye. Because of past pain and some uncomfortable treatment, she is sometimes snappy if she’s caught by a surprise movement near her head. She’ll also snap to protect herself if she feels endangered by unusual handling. I would not trust her with young children who might not be cautious --we do not have strict age restrictions as all children are different but our best estimate is 10 years+. Strangers coming into the house are also a problem. Her immediate reaction is to growl and threaten them. My friends are dog knowledgeable so we haven’t had a bite and she’s friendly once they’ve been here a few minutes. If I had a new visitor, I’d put her behind a gate until they’ve been in the house for a while. I don’t think she’d do well in a household with a lot of new people coming in and out.


I give the pack a handfed snack after my meals and she patiently waits her turn and is gentle taking her share. She’s been on a lot of medications. I spoil my dogs by slipping pills into a small piece of breakfast sausage and she gobbles them down with no trouble. She is currently overweight due to needing to be on steroids for a few months for her ears but she loves to go for walks and should trim right up with proper meal portions and exercise. There is a pet door from my kitchen to our deck. Once she discovered it, she’s faithfully gone out to pee and poop. I have potty pads for another dog but she ignored them before she found the door. So, I really don’t know if she’s trained without her own door.


Galadriel is fostered in the SF Bay Area of CA There is no adoption fee for a proper home (application required and regular adoption criteria apply). If you are interested in adopting, please send a detailed email that mentions details from this bio to

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