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Courage - Cranston, RI (1/31/21)

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Meet Courage!  She is a 7 month old, 30 lb, spayed female mix.

Courage is aptly named and if ever a pup had an excuse to hate people, it would be her. Yet, she LOVES everybody she meets!!  What’s extraordinary about Courage is how absolutely normal she is. Despite her disability, Courage is a loving, friendly girl full of sloppy puppy kisses. She loves cuddling with her foster mom on the sofa and playing with her foster brothers and sisters. She adores a game of fetch and wants nothing more than to gnaw on a Nyla bone on a soft dog bed. This sweet girl has no idea that life could be any different. For Courage, every day is a new adventure and a joy.     Courage’s backstory is a tragic one. Thrown off a deck in Mississippi by a cruel owner when she was just four months old, Courage was rescued by the owner’s nephew, who took her to a vet only to discover Courage’s spine had been severed. That’s when Friends of Homeless Animals stepped in to save this sweet girl and to help her build a new life.

Today, Courage deftly drags herself around in her foster mom ‘s kitchen and gets along just fine. When it’s time to go out, she is besides herself with excitement. Buckled into her wheelchair, Courage races around the yard, easily keeping up with the other dogs. If the grass is fluffy and soft she can also maneuver around outside without the wheelchair. At night Courage snuggles into her dog bed and sleeps through the night.

Courage is surprisingly easy to care for. She is incontinent so she wears doggy diapers indoors but she relieves herself outside and if she is taken out regularly might only need the diapers indoors as a backup. When she goes outside her foster mom presses gently on her bladder and Courage will immediately go to the bathroom, she does not need her bladder truly expressed. 

Courage needs a family where someone is home a good deal of the time and who will always be careful to watch her when she’s in her wheelchair, in her exuberance she could tip it over and then would not be able to right herself. Courage’s foster mom absolutely adores her, and stresses that her care is not nearly as time consuming or arduous as one might think expect.

Courage would love another dog for company although it would be best if that dog was a submissive one since Courage does like to be the center of attention. Courage won’t bother cats.


Adopting a dog like Courage is a bit of a leap of faith. But we believe that this special dog will make a wonderful, loyal and loving member of the family for many years to come. 

Courage is available for adoption within approximately 100 miles of her rescue, Friends of Homeless Animals. Her adoption donation is $299. All interested parties can email her foster mom at:

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