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Sloan - Houston, TX 1/9/21 still available 3/10/21

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Meet Sloan!  He is an 8 month old, 22 lb, neutered male American Heinz 57!

Hi, I'm Sloan and I have been told I am ADORABLE! People like to pick me up and give me kisses and I give them big kisses back, that's my favorite! I live with dogs and cats and love everyone- I like both playtime and snuggles. If I am living with cats you will need to make sure I can't get anywhere near the litterbox or any food left out. When you meet me you will think I am the happiest puppy because I AM! I even come fully housebroken!

My doctors have told me I have a megaesophagus. This means I have trouble swallowing food because my esophagus (the pipe from my mouth to my tummy) doesn't work right. As long as I eat and drink sitting up and remain upright for a bit after each meal, I can be a happy and healthy puppy.  Right now I eat while sitting in the coolest high chair, called a Bailey Chair, which was purchased by my rescue and will be given to my adopter! 


My foster mom purees my food so that I can eat more easily and I am on daily medication- Famotadine. I need someone that will take special care of me because it is easy for dogs with my problem to develop pneumonia which can be life threatening. I do regurgitate a little bit most days so I need someone who is going to be okay with all of my quirks and needs- I promise, I'm worth it! I just went to the vet for a checkup and new radiographs and they said I am doing great!!

I am currently loved by Houston Cares Animal Rescue. Anybody who wants to chat about me can email: or fill out an application at:

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