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Giving back to those who love us unconditionally

HAARBOR stands for Helping Ailing Animals Receive Best Options for Rescue

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The purpose of this project is to provide a list of animals with medical special-needs that are currently hoping for adoption or foster across the country. "Less adoptable" and "imperfect" senior and special-needs animals are euthanized every day at shelters across the country. These animals deserve a soft spot in a home where they can be loved until it is their time.  Caring for one of these pets is one of the most rewarding things you and your family will ever do! We frequently feature puppies with congenital or orthopedic issues along with our more typical seniors, so there is an animal to fit every family. 


We offer veterinary grants to adopters of certain animals!  This money is paid directly to the adopter's veterinarian to help cover some medical expenses.  

Our Facebook page features foster and adoptable animals daily! Networking these animals saves lives and we appreciate everyone who follows and shares our listings.  Our data shows that the vast majority of our facilitated adoptions are animals seen on the Facebook page by people who weren't looking for a pet but who fell in love with the photo and description.  Sharing on Facebook saves lives!                


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Individuals who lack the networking resources of a shelter can find it challenging to help elderly, at-risk pets.   We welcome shelter, rescue, and private listings.

                                              CHANGE A LIFE, ADOPT A SPECIAL NEEDS ANIMAL

***HAARBOR Inc. is strictly a listing service. All of the animal's details are provided by the rescue or shelter.  We have not met the listed animals or validated the information.  Our listings are previewed prior to publication only to confirm that content requirements are met.  All adoption details are handled between the organization and the adopter, HAARBOR is not involved in the adoption process.  PLEASE, if you are adopting an animal, especially long distance, do your due diligence in asking questions to verify that the animal seems like the best possible fit for your family.  It is extremely hard on these pets when they are adopted and returned. 

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