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Meet The Team

Liz Arbittier VMD

Byron and me (2).JPG

Dr. Liz is an equine veterinarian who works at New Bolton Center, the large animal veterinary hospital at the University of Pennsylvania.

Her mission started 17 years ago with the adoption of her first senior dog, Andy. Andy was a tiny poodle who had lived his entire life in a cage at a puppy mill until being rescued by Main Line Animal Rescue.  In spite of being in terrible physical shape (he couldn't walk in a straight line, having lived his entire life in a cage and developing deformed feet), Andy immediately began to trust and love, and he bloomed. 

That was when the resiliency of these animals became apparent to Dr. Arbittier and it was the birth of her mission. She feels deeply that all animals deserve to have the opportunity to be loved and prioritized at the end of their lives, whether they have 2 weeks, 2 months, or 2 years left from when they are rescued   All lives have value!  The transformation seen with these animals is reward enough for the extra care that they require.  You will never regret loving a HAARBOR special-needs animal!

Alison Fortner - Outreach and Listings Coordinator

Alison and Monty.jpg

Alison Fortner is a research librarian, who has an MS from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 


Currently residing overseas with an overly-friendly dog, she jumped at the chance to help Dr. Liz with HAARBOR.  She excels at managing details and within 1 week of starting her tenure with HAARBOR, proved herself to be completely indispensable.  

Alison wears too many hats to count, all with a smile on her face, and her title should be Coordinator-in-Chief! 

Her friend is Monty, a 2 year old Golden Retriver/Poodle mix, and this photo was from his birthday celebration in the Cotswolds, where he got to get nice and muddy!


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