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We frequently offer veterinary grants to certain animals in our network!  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do we choose which animals receive grants?

A: Grants are awarded based on the animal's need for specific veterinary care and the availability of funds. Not every animal comes with a grant.  

Q: How do we know which animals have associated grants? 

A: The social media post about the animal will mention the value of the grant.  

Q: How does the adopter collect the grant?

A: The adopter must contact us within ONE WEEK of adopting the animal to arrange payment of the grant.  Contact may be made through social media or via email to

Q: How is the grant paid?

A: The grant is paid directly to the adopter's veterinarian.  This is to avoid misuse of these donated funds.

Q: Do the grants expire?

A: Yes.  If we haven't been contacted about awarding a grant, it expires 30 days from when it was initially offered on social media.  The reason for this is that if we have too many outstanding grants, we cannot continue to offer new grants.  If a grant has expired and you'd like us to offer it again, please contact us so we can check our funding.  

These rules are non-negotiable and abuse of our program will not be tolerated.  We take the use of our donated funds very seriously and if these simple rules are not followed, the grants are not paid.  We are deeply grateful to our donors for entrusting us with their donations! 


Any questions?  We are happy to answer them!  Email

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