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Chicka' Beakia' - Vancouver, WA ADOPTED!!(1/2/21)

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Meet Chicka' Beakia the gorgeous Harlequin Macaw! She is 22 years old, female, and weighs 1100 grams.

Chicka' Beakia', is a wonderful, tame female macaw that strongly prefers men. Chicka was placed with our rescue (Parrots For Patriots)   in hopes that she would be placed with a veteran, but she hasn't found her perfect home yet.


Look we know that Chicka isn't aesthetically perfect. Who among us is? Poor thing started plucking her chest feathers for 10 years ago when her human male human companioned passed away.  She was grieving!  These birds are SO smart. We were called by the family to help her about 18 months ago as they felt they could not provide her with a home in which she was happy. Chicka’ has been back and forth from the best avian veterinarian in our region and we will share all veterinary information with the adopter. Chicka, needs a home with a man who has parrot experience.

Here is some video of Chicka showing off her sweet dance moves!

Chicka's rescue would like her to stay within about 100 miles of her rescue.  They can help with transport!!  For more information, please email to

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