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Please Note:

  • This service is not for healthy semi-seniors. Animals must have medical special-needs to qualify for this networking service.  Behavioral issues do not qualify.  Medical special-needs can range from arthritis requiring a daily medication to a congenital disorder to age-related deficits (vision/hearing impaired) to a terminal disease.  If you are unsure if your animal qualifies, please email  Generally, animals who are on any medications or require special living conditions will qualify but the determination is at the discretion of HAARBOR. 

  • We will not network a special-needs animal with an adoption fee greater than $350.  We are happy to discuss the rationale behind that decision, please email

  • If an animal that you submitted finds a home PLEASE let us know so we don't feature an unavailable animal! 


  • The facts associated with our veterinary grants can be seen here - please read! All veterinary grants are paid directly to the adopter's veterinarian. In order to ensure that the money is used for that specific animal's medical costs,  we do NOT send money directly to the adopters. It is up to the adopter to email us at within ONE WEEK of adoption to set up the grant. Grants expire in 30 days if unclaimed. We cannot honor grants retroactively. 

  • Animals are featured on social media based on a combination of urgency, location, and order of submission. 

  • Because we work on listings primarily on weekends and inconsistently on weekdays, we are not a good answer for most time-stamped animals.  Occasionally we can accommodate an urgent case, please email

Animal Submission
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