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Gotz - Huntsville, AL (1/2/21)

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Meet Gotz!  He is an 8 yr old, 103 lb, neutered male Rottie.


Gotz is a very loving, people-oriented boy who needs a family who can support him through the rest of his senior years in the most comfort possible. This adorable boy has major arthritis issues as well as some as yet undefined neurological issue(s). He has great difficulty walking and needs assistance at times. Both front and back ends are affected so he is not a candidate for a set of wheels. He has a Help 'Em Up harness that helps us help him when necessary. He understands the harness and is accepting and grateful when he needs help.


His prescription medications are Gabapentin 100mg (2 to 3 times daily), Galliprant 100 mg AM, and 50mg Tramadol (5, twice daily) in addition to supplemental glucosamine/chondroitin and essential fatty acids. He loves his food but has to be limit fed to control his weight - we supplement him with green beans so he feels full, and he loves them.  Gotz is fully housebroken!


Gotz wants to be where his people are whether it's the office, den, kitchen or back deck. He just loves human company and hanging out. He likes to take a stroll in the yard at his own pace but he can't handle even an average "dog walk". The mind and spirit are willing but the body isn't able. Gotz has had chiropractic treatments along with acupuncture and physical therapy. After 4 chiropractic/acupuncture sessions and 4 weeks of physical therapy, he has shown some improvement.


We believe that he would benefit from those services on an ongoing basis. He is good with other dogs provided they don't bother him while he's eating or having down time with a chew toy. He doesn't like others in his face but has lived well with other seniors in his foster home. He acknowledges cats and has no ability to chase them. He's vibe is pretty much live and let live.


Understanding that his needs over the rest of his lifetime will be somewhat pricy, we do not have a set adoption fee for this treasure. A tax-deductible donation to Lifeline Pet Rescue of North Alabama is all that is requested - amount to be determined by the adopter.


If your family is looking for a head-in-your-lap-while-working or lying-on-your-feet-chill-buddy, Gotz is your boy. Though he was a euthanasia candidate, after meeting this fella with his amazing attitude, spirit and huge loving heart, we decided to give him every chance possible to live out his senior years with as much comfort as can be provided. He has done well in his foster home; however, we feel he deserves his own home with a family who can give him the individual attention and love he deserves. Lifeline Pet Rescue of North Alabama will do whatever we can to help with transport should Gotz's and his special retirement family connect. If you are his angel, please contact us about this deserving, special needs senior.  Email is best:

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