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Tyson - Queen Creek, AZ 2/22/21

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Meet Tyson!  He is a 6 yr old, 9 lb, neutered male cat.

Poor, sweet Tyson has a difficult time at adoption events and is always overlooked because he hides.  We don't blame him! When Tyson is in a place that he is familiar with, he transforms into a major lovebug! He enjoys long brushing and neck-scratching sessions, and his foster-mom claims that he has the loudest purr that she has ever heard! Tyson gets along with every age of kitty and is often found snuggling up to his cat-pals for grooming. He is also still very playful for an adult and enjoys feather wands or ribbon toys that he can chase and pounce on.  He has been around dogs and isn't really interested in interacting - he mainly gets up high where he is safe and observes from afar.


Tyson is FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus) positive, which can be transmissible to other cats via body fluids, most commonly through bite wounds. Because of this, Tyson will need to be an only cat, or live with other FeLV+ cats. Tyson also had a very bad Upper Respiratory Infection when he was a kitten and has a cloudy left eye as a result. He has received a clean bill of health from a Veterinarian, and his eye should not cause him problems in the future. Tyson is neutered, microchipped, and FVRCP vaccinated.

Tyson is in the care of Desert Paws Rescue.  They would like him to stay within approximately 100 miles of the rescue.  Interested applicants should visit the website: to complete an online Consultation Form.

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