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Please note, the listings are organized by date of submission, not state, so please scroll the whole page in order not to miss anyone!

Pepper - Columbus, OH 1/8/21

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Meet Pepper!  She is a 5 month old (as of 1/8/21), 4.5 lb, spayed female cat.

Pepper is an amazing kitten who LOVES to be held and loves to play with teasers and laser pointers! She also goes crazy for deli turkey!! She was rescued from an outdoor storage facility when she was about 2-3 months old.


Pepper tested positive for FeLV but is showing no symptoms. She has already been spayed and is just dreaming of a home to call her own. Currently, she is stuck in a large crate watching all the other foster cats play day in and day out. She doesn't understand why she can't play with them. It breaks our hearts because she's such a special soul!  More information on FeLV can be found on our previous website here:


Pepper is an amazing kitten who is looking for a home as either an only cat, a home with another FeLV+ cat, or a home with a cat friendly dog. Pepper is just one big snuggle bug! Pepper's rescue (Forgotten4Paws) would like her to stay within ~100 miles and can help with transport within 2-3 hrs of Columbus, Ohio.  For more information please email to:  We are also on Facebook and Instagram. Thank you!

Athena - Grand Rapids, MI 1/9/21

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Meet Athena!  She is a 13 yr old, 7 lb, spayed female orange tabby cat.

Isn't Athena an amazing cat name? So fitting for an amazing cat. Her owner adopted her a decade ago, and she has been a loyal companion since her adoption. Her owner has become too ill to care for her, and we stepped in and brought her to our rescue.


Tyson's Place's mission is to assist terminally ill people with finding new families for their pets. Would there be any worse position to be in, as a loving pet owner? Her original owner says Athena loves people. She understands a lot of human words and phrases such as sit, stay, turn around, let's play, and birds. She is a talker and likes to make small talk! She enjoys sunbathing and bird watching either live or on You Tube. She keeps limber by playing with a laser toy for 20 minutes every night. She is considered a dog in a cat's body. She also enjoys being groomed, sitting in laps (after she gets to know you - she needs a few months to make the transition from sitting by your side to sitting on your lap), and being pet.


Did you know orange female cats are rare? Only 1 in 5 orange cats are female. Athena is such as gem - rare in color and rare in amazing personality. Athena does not appreciate the company of dogs and has never lived with other cats. Seeing her reflection is enough to make her hiss, so she would be best as an only animal. A quiet house would be best for her to feel comfortable. Like many older cats that have been through change, she takes a few months to adjust to a new home. She has a strong personality and will let you know when and how long to pet her. Although Athena is 13 years old, she had complete blood work and is healthy. She is current on vaccinations and microchipped.


Athena has a food allergy that makes her itch her face. We finally found the food that works for her, allowing her face to heal and the itchy to stop- a rabbit based protein. She eats Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Selected Protein Adult PR Canned Cat Food (cost is $84 for 24 cans) and Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Ultamino Dry Cat Food ($50 a bag). She also needs a daily steroid to manage her allergy that is easily hidden in her wet food and is super cheap($8 a month). Needless to say, given the cost of her food, this has been a true hinderance in her adoption. She has great litter box habits. She is also front declawed. For more information, please email us at or fill out an application, available at  Athena has no adoption distance restrictions and her rescue can help out with transport within reason!

Jack - Coldwater, MI 2/22/21

Jack MI 1.0.jpg

Meet Jack! He's an approximately 4 yr old, 10-12 lb, neutered male medium haired cat.

Jack is a very loving boy. He has Urinary Cystitis and requires prescription cat food. He may occasionally need a pain medication if he has a flare-up. Our vet said that stress can be a cause, so a calmer home would be best for Jack. He does fine with other animals and LOVES attention!  He would be a terrific addition to any home!

Jack has no adoption distance limitations as long as his adopter comes to Coldwater to meet and adopt him!  All interested people can contact the rescue via email: or text to:  

517-294-1360.  He is currently with Animal Aid of Branch County.

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