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Jack - West Chester, OH ADOPTED!  1/12/21

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Jack OH 1.1.jpg
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Meet Jack!  He is a 9 month old, 30 lb, neutered male American Bulldog.

My heart may have just melted! Jack came to his rescue (the Peaches Bully Rescue) in need of emergency vet care for his uretha. Luckily, he did well recovering from multiple surgeries and has mastered a diaper system. His beautiful coloring and love for following humans around makes him the cutest ever!


Jack has spina bifida and thus is completely incontinent. He requires diapers full time due to his constant dripping of urine and no control of his bowels. His assessment from the vet indicates that this is a permanent condition. Jack gets along with the some dogs and the cat in the house but his optimal home would be as an only dog or 1 dog in the home as he gets a little overstimulated and his little body can't take it.


Jack has club feet which do allow him to be mobile and do a few steps but not able to go for long walks. His favorite activity is wiggling on the couch with his toys and humans. There are no distance restrictions on Jack's adoption! The rescue could assist with transport, depending on how far away and what volunteers are available. You can contact the rescue by email:, find them on Facebook or apply at 

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