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Zoey - Monterey, VA (1/1/21)

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Meet Zoey!  She is a >10 yr old, 40 lb, female spayed Lab/Pittie type mix.

This poor, sweet girl.  Before we go into her medical condition, we want to tell you a little bit about Zoey!  In spite of everything she is battling, she does not even know she is sick. She is happy, loves to go out, loves car rides and taking walks. She trusts people even though she hasn't been given a reason to! She plants herself in front of her human and demands to be fed, even though she JUST ATE an hour before...we feel you on this one, Zoey.  She is fully housebroken and can live with any other animals, she's proven safe with cats, per her rescue.  

Zoey is a tough broad, she probably wouldn't still be here if she wasn't. She looks out for herself because she has experienced the suffering of a neglected sick dog. She suffered with untreated diabetes for months before her owner brought her to the vet to be euthanized. Little Big Dog Rescue has had Zoey for almost a year and a half. Her behavior indicates that in addition to medical neglect, Zoey suffered abuse as well. Yet, Zoey trusts humans to treat her with respect and caring. She flinches when frightened but when no blow comes, she relaxes and welcomes affection and attention.


Zoey is blind, has diabetes, Cushings Disease, elevated liver enzymes and pancreatic insufficiency. She is on insulin, Denamarin Plus, and Zypatt (pancreatic enzymes). Zoey eats about 12 cans (13.5 oz) of dog food per day. She is hungry every 90 minutes. She is underweight at 40 pounds. She loses weight easily, and gains weight at a very slow pace if at all. Zoey's major maintenance expense is her food, which runs in the hundreds of dollars per month.


She goes to the vet regularly for glucose check but even with this management, her sugars have never been brought under control. Zoey is fine as an only dog, or part of a pack. Her only demand is that dogs understand that she is blind. She advocates for herself with stern and clear vocalizations if a dog walks into her or steps on her. If this happens and the other dog has an aggressive reaction, Zoey will stand her ground and demand an apology. So this is Zoey's toughness: she survives several diseases that would be life-threatening or at least debilitating to other dogs, but Zoey just keeps on keeping on. She is a survivor and she deserves nothing but love and to be spoiled. If you are looking for a special-needs senior dog to love and care for, you have to meet our Zoey!

Little Big Dog Rescue can be contacted via email to: or by phone at: 540 468-3096.

Zoey is available to be adopted with no distance restrictions. Little Big Dog Rescue's senior sanctuary is located west of Interstate 81 at Staunton VA and they could assist with some transport as needed -they could go north as far as Strasburg VA and south as far as Lexington VA. They could also go to Charlottesville VA.

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