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Peter Pan - Erwin, TN 3/1/21

Peter Pan aka Tiger 1.1.jpg
Peter Pan aka Tiger 1.0.jpg
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Meet Peter Pan!  He is a 19 yr old, 14 lb neutered male tabby cat.

Age is just a number! Peter Pan (aka Tiger) may be 19 years old but he is a wonderful and deserving boy who is really hoping someone sees this listing and offers him a forever home!  He is a super sweet cat who just happened to find his way to Willow Foster and Ferals in Erwin, TN from Asheville, NC! Lucky fella!


Peter Pan is the purrfect lap cat! He is in search of a quiet home, with warm, sunny windows and a stash of catnip! In return, he will reward you with sweet kisses, as he has no teeth! Peter Pan was diagnosed with IBS after arriving to the rescue almost three years ago. Over this time, we have been able to manage this with a daily steroid chew - easy peasy. He would love to find a forever person to spend the rest of his days with.  He's also just fine with other animals who won't hurt him!  At 19 we don't know how much time he has left but after 3 years in rescue, doesn't he deserve someone dedicated just to him?

Peter Pan is available for adoption within about 300 miles of his rescue and they can help with transport!   For all further information, please email:

Beans - Knoxville, TN 4/4/21

Beans TN 1.0.jpg
Beans TN 1.1.jpg
Beans TN 1.2.jpg

Meet Beans!  He is an adult, 12 lb, neutered male cat.

Beans is the cutest, grumpy man you’ve ever met! He’s super cuddly and wants to be up in your bubble at all times. He likes to play! He will tolerate other cats at a distance, and dogs at a distance, but prefers to be left alone as far as other animals go. Beans is so cute, he's short and stocky. He purrs the minute you walk into the room!


We are unable to keep him due to the fact that our dogs will not leave him alone.  It isn't safe for him and he is so sweet, he deserves a home where he is safe and happy.


Beans has feline heart worms and he does have some respiratory issues also known as kitty asthma. Beans has had all shots, but may benefit from prednisone and a bronchodilator for his asthma.

For more information about Beans, please call: 828-508-7803 or email:

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