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Kingsley - Sharon, CT 1/2/21 still available 3/10/21

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Meet Kingsley!  He is a 6 yr old, 60 lb, neutered male boxer/pittie type.

Kingsley was adopted out by us 5 years ago. When his adopter went into a long-term care facility 4 years ago, he was unceremoniously dumped at the Woodbury, CT animal shelter. Thank goodness they found us (Furry Flights to Freedom) through his microchip.


Since that time, King has been in boarding. He has mast cell cancer that keeps re-appearing. We just had a second surgery done on him. So far they are low-grade tumors, but there are already new ones appearing. King's prognosis is guarded, but he is acting completely fine. No systemic issues as of yet!


He is a high energy dog that does have some possession issues in a home, i.e., he needs someone who won't let him run the show. He is very smart. We believe he is part working breed as he's also very smart and always wants to be near you/busy. He is fully housebroken!


King LOVES car rides and behaves very well in the car. He was in a foster home but did not like the older mom figure there (the daughter was our foster) and we needed to remove him after an incident where he went after her. We are not sure what to think about this as this is counter to his what we know of his nature! He lived in a home with children and he had previously been fostered by someone with an older female pit bull without incident.


We have no options for this sweet boy at this time - everyone that meets him loves him! But between the cancer and having to be a dog-savvy home, he is looking at spending the rest of his life in boarding.  We know the right household is out there!

For more information about Kingsley, you can visit the rescue website:  or shoot an email to:  The rescue would like Kingsley to stay within about 100 miles of them and they can provide transport! 

Danica - Watertown, CT ADOPTED!!1/8/21 

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Meet Danica!  She is a 2 yr old, 44 lb, spayed female hound/Border Collie type mix!

Danica has never met anyone she didn't love!  She is great with all humans (large and small variety), all dogs, and proven fine with cats!  She loves to run and play chase with the other dogs in the rescue and runs up and down the stairs with no issues. She was found as a stray so we do not know what happened to her. She is the sweetest dog ever! She loves to go on walks and snuggle with a human. She is crate trained and is very quiet in it. She loves to chew on nylabones and snuggle with the other dogs at rest times. She loves all the other dogs in the rescue. 


Danica suffered some kind of trauma which has left her back legs are a little wobbly but that literally doesn't slow her down at all. Unfortunately, it also left her incontinent in both her bladder and bowels. When we are outside in the yard she does go potty but when inside she cant always control it. She wears a diaper in the  house, doesn't mind honestly isn't a huge deal!


She will make a great companion for a family who can look past her need to wear diapers!!  Danica is available for adoption within ~300 miles of her rescue and depending on where she is going, the rescue could help with transport for free.  For more info on Danica, please contact her rescue Perfect Imperfections via email:

Josey Wales - Portland, CT 3/7/21

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Meet Josey Wales!  He is a 6 yr old, 75 lb, neutered male Land Hippo aka Pittie.

Oh my goodness, this adorable and loving Land Hippo has a sad story that's waiting for it's happy ending.  Josey Wales was beaten and left on the side of the road a few years ago. He was taken to a local animal shelter and was adopted. Soon after adoption Josey lost the use of his rear legs and his adopter had a custom wheel chair made for him.


He is the sweetest boy who loves to cuddle!! His adopter unfortunately has back issues herself and has not been able to lift Josey into his wheelchair, so he is in need of a new home where he will be able to be active again. He currently lives with another pit and does very well with him. We don't know how he will react with small dogs or cats, so a meet and greet would be necessary.


He is not in the care of Monkey's Pack rescue, but we are trying to assist his owner find a suitable home for him. We have met him and fell in love with his kind eyes and sweet personality. Please feel free to reach out for more info if you are local to CT. Because he is a bit fragile, we recommend a home with older children only.

Interested applicants can email to: or send the rescue a message through facebook messenger- Monkey's Pack.  You may also fill out the online application at:

Angel - Manchester, CT 3/7/21

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Meet Angel!  He is a 4 yr old, 15 lb, neutered male Chihuahua/JRT mix.

Angel is a sweet young dog who loves to give kisses. He is paralyzed in his back end and does not have use of his rear legs. He was surrendered to Monkey's Pack because his owner could not provide vet care.

Monkey's Pack immediately brought him to the emergency room and he is being evaluated by the neurologist to develop a care plan.


We are looking for a foster home in CT or an adopter in CT, RI or NY who is able to work with him. Please apply at if you are interested.  If you have more questions, you may email: email or facebook message Monkey's Pack.

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