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Maizy and Loki - Panama City, FL 3/7/21

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Maizy and Loki 1.0.jpg
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Meet Maizy and Loki!  They are 1.5 yr old, ~6 lb spayed/neutered ginger tabby cats.

Animal Haven Rescue of Bay County, FL Inc is looking for your help.  Maizy and Loki are looking for their angel. Maizy is the one with the white nose.  These two are bonded siblings. Maizy and Loki have severe and moderate/severe Cerebellar Hypoplasia, more commonly known as "Wobbly cat syndrome". Loki is not quite as severely affected as Maizy.  This isn't a painful condition at all, it means that a small section of their brain is underdeveloped and it's the section that handles balance and motion.


Maizy is primarily immobile and only moves small distances. These things don't hold this sweet girl back, she loves catnip and playing with toys, especially crinkle, and jingle bells. She loves belly rubs and being brushed and any kind of attention. She perks up when you come near her. Maizy struggles with litterboxes and relies on pee pads and tolerates diapers.  Maizy requires soft mousse/pate canned foods as they struggle eating dry crunchies.

Loki's favorite thing to do is sit in his "S" scratcher and watch the other cats or look out the window. He eats mostly wet food but will eat dry. He is on the more moderate/severe side as he walks really slow and falls often.  He is more mobile than his sister. He mostly uses the litterbox but has some accidents near the box. He is very determined and doesn't allow his Cerebellar Hypoplasia to hold him back! Like his sister he loves belly rubs and being brushed and any kind of attention. He will perk up and come to you when you come near him. 

Maizy and Loki get along with other cats and dogs and loves watching their foster siblings play.  They are available for adoption local to their rescue. For more information, you can email: or fine Animal Haven Rescue of Bay County, FL on Facebook.  

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