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Betty - Okeechobee, FL ADOPTED!! (1/1/21)

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Meet Betty!  She is a 6 yr old, 60 lb, female spayed Coonhound mix.

We think if Betty had a high school yearbook that she would win the award for Sweetest Face!  Betty is looking for a loving home.  She had a human companion but he passed away and so now she is looking for a new home. She prefers men but women are good too! Betty loves to travel and ride shotgun to help you navigate but needs some help to get into the vehicle.


Betty loves to have her belly rubbed and will flop down on the ground until she gets her rubs. She loves to chew on her toys, but does not chew on anything else, she has the BEST house manners we have ever seen in a dog.  AND she's fully housebroken!!  Betty would love an old couch on which to snooze (with a ramp or some steps perhaps!) but she also likes to snuggle with people if you are willing. 

Betty has arthritis in her back, and requires supplements and an easier lifestyle. Sometimes if it is really cold, she may require some pain meds to help her walk comfortably. She lost the calcuim in her back when someone abandoned her in the woods while she was pregnant. She had 8 pups but only 4 survived. In spite of her physical issues, she was a great momma dog. Her hips are okay, it is just her back that troubles her. She has been doing well, she can run and play and is starting to climb up on the couch. She tends to wander so we prefer a home with a fenced yard.


Betty would love a home with only older children who will be respectful of her sore back.  She is fine with all dogs but cannot live with cats.  Betty's rescue will bring her to any approved home in the state of Florida!  If you live outside of Florida and can travel, please reach out to her rescue to chat about that!  Betty's rescue, K9 Resque, can be reached by email to: 

Mallow - Blountstown, FL ADOPTED! (1/1/21)

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Meet Mallow! He is an 8 month old, 45 lb, neutered male American Bulldog mix.

This handsome boy has no idea that he is special-needs and he doesn't care one bit!  Mallow is deaf. He is also a big lovable lug! 


This good boi is housetrained and crate trained.  He is good in the car and walks fine on leash. He really enjoys taking walks and wouldn't mind doing some swimming.


Mallow is so smart! He knows multiple hand signals and spent 3 weeks with a trainer. Luckily he is very treat motivated which always helps with training. He likes to snuggle and be brushed. He also really enjoys the company of his people. Mallow would prefer to not be left alone but that is being slowly worked on. He snores and when excited, he does a really cute hop.

Mallow would be great for a family without small children (he is a big pup) who would love to help a special-needs dog while not experiencing big veterinary bills or a shortened life span.  He will be a great addition to a family!!  

Mallow's rescue (North Florida Rescue) would like him to stay within about 100 miles of his rescue.  Anyone who would like to ask about him can email:

Casper - Port St Joe, FL 1/2/21

Casper FL 1.0.jpg

Meet Casper!  He is a 4 yr old, 55 lb, neutered male Pittie mix.

Casper came to his rescue (St. Joseph Bay Humane Society) through animal control as a stray. He is mostly blind and heartworm positive. We believe that he was used as a bait dog but you would not know it by the energy and love he has!


He loves treats and he hugs! He is also house broken. He will need leash and command training, but with a lot of guidance and repetition, he is going to be a great pet.  Casper deserves a chance to be somebody's priority!  Due to his size and energy, he would be best in a home without small children. 

Casper can be adopted with no distance limitations and his rescue can try to assist with transport.  For more information, please email:

Leah - Broward County, FL 1/31/21

Leah 1.1.jpg
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Meet Leah!  She is a 5 year old, 14 lb, spayed female Dachshund mix.

Leah is a happy and playful girl who loves her toys! She loves ALL people and is good with other dogs, but we have not had her with cats. She loves to play with toys and fetch is her favorite thing. She also loves snuggling with her foster mom and offers kisses to new people pretty quickly.


Leah is paralyzed in her hind two legs and incontinent and needs her bladder expressed. Bladder expression is very easy to learn and we will be happy to provide instruction!  She's so small, it's a piece of cake. Leah did have spinal surgery and rehabilitation, but the damage to her spinal cord was too great. Leah gets along well pulling herself with her front legs. She would be a great candidate for a cart!!


Leah is currently with the Dachshund Rescue South Florida.  You may learn more about her by contacting them at:  The rescues doesn't generally have the ability to help with transport but they really want this special-needs little girl to get to her perfect home! 

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