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Ming - Queenstown, MD (1/1/21)

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Meet Ming!  He is a senior, 14 lb, neutered male cat.

Ming is one big ball of love! He adores attention and being held. This senior sweetheart came to Chesapeake Cats and Dogs after his owners tried to have him euthanized for peeing on their bed. It turned out that Ming was peeing outside the litter box because he had undiagnosed diabetes.  Poor guy wasn't being bad!


Ming is now on insulin and a canned-food-only diet. It was amazing to see the transformation in him after only a few days of love and medical care! Ming would love the chance to be in a home again! He is a wonderful cuddler, so sweet. He is also very easy to medicate - don't worry about learning how to do insulin shots.  He is a great patient and we will teach you. Ming does need to go to a quiet family with no kids and no dogs. His adoption fee has been SPONSORED! If you need a big kitty to cuddle with, adopt Ming!

To learn more about Ming you can message them on their Facebook page  or email to:  There are no distance limitations on Ming and his rescue can typically arrange transport. If through a driver relay, there is no cost. If flying with a volunteer, the adopter should pay at least half the cost.

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