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Lizzie - Water Valley, MS ADOPTED! (1/1/21)

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Meet Lizzie!  She is a 5 yr old, 45 lb, female Hound type.

This girl is a perfect gem! Lizzie is a super affectionate dog!  She is wonderful with all types of kids (as long as they know to be gentle with her) and she has never met a human she doesn't love. If any dog has a reason to not trust humans, it would be Lizzie but here she is, not holding anything against anyone.

Lizze was shot and from xrays we know she was shot very near her spine. The vet described it as the "perfect place" to do the most damage without paralyzing her. As a result, she is incontinent. She was also shot in the front paw. It broke some toes, and they apparently fused together when healing which makes her paw appear always swollen.


Our vet also believes Lizzie was hit by a slow moving vehicle somewhat recently. This probably exacerbated the spinal pain, and she has difficulty walking at times. Often her back legs will cross when walking. However she has good days and bad days and runs at times! 


She takes gabapentin and tylenol 3 daily for the pain. Lizzie is also heartworm positive. Our protocol is a proheart12 shot followed by 30 days of twice daily doxycycline. All but one of our dogs that received this protocol a year ago are now HW negative! She received her Proheart12 shot 12/29/20. She will take doxy until 1/28/21.


Lizzie adores people and being loved on; she seems very happy. She tolerates other dogs but doesn't actually seem to enjoy being around them. She will growl if they get too close or are playing too rough around her - we think she doesn't want to be bumped or jostled as it's painful. She seems to enjoy being around our office cat. We have very few adoptions (and even fewer fosters) in our area. Most animals that leave our facility go north to rescues. We have not found a rescue willing to accept Lizzie. We believe her best chance of leaving the shelter is someone who truly understands special needs animals. As such we will consider an adopter anywhere and do our best to work with getting her to them. While we don't believe she has been spayed, we've never seen her go  into heat.


If you'd like to learn more about Lizzie, please reach out to Second Chance Animal Alliance via email: or text: 662-714-0147.  There are no distance limitations on adopting Lizzie and the shelter will do what they can to help get her where she needs to go!!  Lizzie's adoption fee is $100.

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