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Jasmine - Bloomfield, NJ 3/7/21

Jasmine NJ 1.1.jpg
Jasmine NJ 1.0.jpg

Meet Jasmine!  She is a 5 yr old, 5 lb, spayed female short haired cat.

Jasmine has a liver shunt.  This means that blood containing toxins that would normally go to the liver to be detoxified bypasses that process and goes straight to the heart.  This causes an accumulation of toxins to build up causing neurological problems and eventually death.  Surgery can sometimes be done on young animals but it depends on the type of shunt.

Jasmine craves attention and loves to be patted! She likes to sit in a window sill or her car condo. She was rescued with her sister Josie in Winfield Park. She was diagnosed with the shunt at 8 months old and has been with 2 fosters who loved her but one had to move internationally and the other became unable to care for Jasmine.

Jasmine is blind and is looking for a quiet home to live out her days.  For all information, please call: 862 220 9658.

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