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Nikki - Sprakers, NY 1/1/21)

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Meet Nikki!  She is a 7 yr old, 65 lb, female Pittie.

Nikki is the most beautiful land seal!!  Nikki needs a home with no other pets, but she LOVES people of all ages! She has never met a stranger and will love on everyone she comes across. Nikki loves to play, go on adventures and rides nicely in the car. She can be a bit of an excited girl, but one on one in a home, she really is a dream.


Nikki suffers from urinary incontinence. With Proin 2x daily, it is under control!! Unfortunately, with her not liking other animals, and having that one small but well controlled health issue, she is overlooked daily. Nikki has been at Ayres Memorial Animal Shelter, Inc for over a year now and we really want 2021 to be HER year. She is too special to live at a shelter! We do not have a limit on distance away that you can adopt, but we do require that adopters be willing to make the trip to the shelter, and make the trip back to us if for ANY reason the adoption does not work out.

Interested parties can contact the shelter via email:, facebook at:  or by phone at 518-705-2278 or 518-673-5670.

Winston - Armonk, NY 1/9/21

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Meet Winston!  He is an 11 yr old, 50 lb, neutered male Pittie.

Winston's rescue, Adopt-a-Dog, found him at a local municipal shelter where he had been living for months. He rarely got out of his kennel and was not socialized with many new people. They decided to bring him to their shelter to try to give him a better quality of life while he waited for his perfect home to come along. It takes some time for Winston to build trust with a new person but when he does he is incredibly loyal and loving.  Winston has been waiting for years and we can't figure out why.


There is nothing this boy loves more than to sit at the feet of his person and just relax in their presence. He is definitely worth the effort because once he loves someone it is for life! He has been through a lot in his life and is so deserving of a forever home. He has been through strict obedience training and has excelled in the routine of training. He also thoroughly enjoys agility training and taking long walks.


Whoever adopts Winston will need to have the dedication to commit to bonding with him and continuing his training so he can be the best dog he can be for the rest of his long and happy life. In a perfect world, he would be the only pet in an adult only home, but he does have the potential to live with another easy-going female dog. 

For more information about Winston you can call (914) 273-1674 or email:  Visit the website at

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