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Cookie - Winston-Salem, NC  1/17/21

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Meet Cookie!  She is a 3 yr old, 45 lb, spayed female, Husky mix.

Cookie is a very good-natured girl!  She could also be described as cheerful, delightful, and companionable. Cookie is up for anything, she calmly enjoys outings and hanging with other dogs or just sitting at home. Netflix and chill?  No problem!  What more could you ask for in a dog?  She deserves much better than she's been given in life.


Her former owners dumped her at animal control following a neurological reaction to a Credelio oral flea/tick prevention tablet. The Gram Rescue Ranch immediately rescued her, fearing she'd be euthanized at this rural shelter and thank goodness they did because this girl deserves another chance at a family who will love her in spite of her issues!


She has been under the care of a Neurologist, a Rehab doctor, and a physical therapist for laser treatment and water therapy. She regained some use of her back legs, but her proprioception (knowing where her legs are) remains poor in the front paws.  She doesn't let it get her down, though! She has the ability to use all of her limbs to scoot around inside the house to where she wants to go.


Cookie needs assistance with a harness to go out to bathroom, as she cannot support her weight on the front legs. We are trying to get her a wheelchair (going back and forth with company on measurements) and of course her chair would go with her if she is adopted! She is a delightful companion. We don't have cats , but could arrange with our petsitter to test with cats, if necessary.

There are no adoption restrictions on Cookie and her rescue could help try to locate transportation and contribute up to $150 to assist in getting her to the perfect new home. We'd prefer a home with older kids only as Cookie could be injured by children who don't know better.  Anyone who would like to chat about Cookie should please reach out!  You can email the Gram Rescue Ranceh (GRR) at: or you may call: 336-575-3603.

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