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Fluff - Philadelphia, PA (1/31/21) 

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Meet Fluff!  He's a 14 yr old, 13 lb, neutered male medium haired cat.

Fluff is a wonderful elder statesman who truly deserves his forever home. He comes very highly recommended by everyone who's ever met him!  Fluff is a senior cat who is calm, cuddly, and handsome. He has hyperthyroidism (higher than normal thyroid function) requiring medication. He takes his pills very easily with wet food, and even gets along with the foster family’s dog! He has never interacted with children, so it is unclear how he would be with kids. If you are looking for a beautiful, snuggly companion, Fluff would love to be a part of your furever family! Please contact PSPCA:  Fluff is available within 100 miles of the SPCA.  

Sven - Philadelphia, PA 3/7/21

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Meet Sven!  He is an ~5 month old, 5 lb, intact male ginger tabby cat.

Sven has moderate to severe Cerebellar Hypoplasia.  Basically, the part of his brain that helps with balance and ambulating is not developed.  While he is not litter trained he goes on pee pads 90% of the time and is improving with age. He is not able to walk independently and needs a home that is mindful of his limitations. He is incredibly playful and friendly, very food driven, and good with other cats. He has not been around a dog but I imagine if the dog was cat friendly this would not be an issue. You would just have to be 100% sure Sven was safe! He has been around children and is very friendly with them.

For further information, please email Fishtails Animal Rescue at:

Chucky - Philadelphia, PA 4/4/21

Chucky PA 1.1.jpg

Meet Chucky!  He's a 10 yr old, 17 lb, neutered male cat with a moustache!

Chucky is an affectionate 10 year old boy. He enjoys cat nip, face scratches, playing with wand toys, and chasing small balls and mice. If you enjoy these things too, you guys were meant to be together!


He loves napping in a cat bed, and he is very friendly and will greet everyone who comes into the house. Chucky is diabetic and requires two insulin shots a day, but is a very good boy about taking his medicine. Because of his medical conditions, Chucky is currently living in the shelter hospital and he is ready for his forever home, nobody should spend their life in the hospital when they have so much to offer!

If you are in the Philadelphia area and you would like to learn more about Chucky, please reach out to the PSPCA! Email to:

Peppy - Philadelphia, PA 4/4/21

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Meet Peppy!  He is an 11 yr old, 13 lb, neutered male cat.

Hi! I'm Peppy the diabetic cat who is looking for someone to love me endlessly! I do require medicine because of my diabetes, but I take my medication very well. The PSPCA is taking great care of me but I really want my own family.


I am the type of cat that likes his space but also will want to walk right next to you wherever you go. I am a relaxed guy looking to live my senior years in a quiet home with older respectful kids/adults. If you are interested in giving me a forever home, please email Thank you for considering me!

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