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Elsa - North Wales, PA ADOPTED!!!(10/28/20)

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Meet Elsa!  She is a 4 month old, 15 lb, female spayed Pittie mix.

This sweet puppy looks like she came right out of the movie Frozen with her snowy white coat and crystal clear eyes! Elsa is a four-month old female pit-mix with special needs, who is looking for a very special family to welcome her into their home.


Elsa arrived in PA recently from the South, where she was surrendered in very sad shape. Home at Last stepped in to rescue this sweet girl and provide her with the best chance of finding a loving forever home. A neurology consult visit was completed for Elsa when she arrived here, where it was determined that she suffers from issues with the back part of her brain known as the vestibular system, which controls balance.


When there is a problem with the vestibular system, you become dizzy. This dizziness can lead to a head tilt, rapid eye movements and walking in circles, all of which are symptoms being exhibited by sweet Elsa. Possible causes include an infection/inflammation resulting from a traumatic brain injury, congenital malformation, degenerative disease and less likely neoplasia (cancer). Elsa has begun a course of treatment with an antibiotic (clindomycin) and steroid (prednisone) to treat a possible infection/inflammation in her brain.


Elsa, aside from the issues described above, has an excellent quality of life. She absolutely adores her foster mom and family, and gets along fantastically with her foster dog siblings, which include small and large breeds. Elsa is so affectionate that she falls asleep as soon as you start petting her in your lap! 


She would do best in a household without long flights of stairs, or one where stair-use can be restricted, as she tends to use her left paw as a “feeler” and sometimes can stumble. Elsa also needs a family who is committed to continuing her housebreaking and puppy training. Elsa will make a wonderful doggy companion and additional member of a family who is willing to see past her physical neurological abnormalities and help her to enjoy her life! While it is uncertain as to whether her neurological issues will affect her lifespan, at this time she is a happy sweet puppy who just wants to be loved. Elsa has been spayed, micro-chipped, and is up-to-date on all of her shots. If this sweet girl sounds like she could be a match for your family, submit an application today at!  Elsa's rescue would like her to stay relatively local to the rescue, please reach out with any inquiries!

Pumpkin Spice - Lansdale, PA  ADOPTED!!(10/28/20)

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Meet Pumpkin Spice!  She is at least 5 years old (though is likely older), 60 lb, female spayed Husky.

What do you think of when you think of pumpkin spice? Something warm and comforting? Well that’s exactly the type of home that is needed for our very special Pumpkin Spice. Pumpkin is a beautiful red coated husky that is a puppy mill survivor and was recently surrendered to Home at Last.


We discovered that Pumpkin is diabetic and is nearly blind and has gone without much needed medical care for a long time. Despite her physical ailments, she is gentle, sweet and loving. We do not deserve how wonderful dogs spite of everything she's been through, she just wants to love!


She takes great comfort in being patted and will often paw at your for more. She also adores the comfort of a soft dog bed. She is able to navigate the house and fenced in back yard with a few bumps but is getting better in her movements every day as she learns the layout of the house. Her medical records say she’s about 60 pounds and five years old but we suspect she’s older. She has a lot of love to give and needs a family that will care for her in her retirement years. Because of her diabetes she will need a special diet and insulin injections daily. She will go to the bathroom when you take her out but won't always remember to ask just yet.  Her rescue would like her to stay within 3-4 hours of her current location. 


Are you the family that will open your heart and your home to her? Reach out for more information or to apply

Bruce - Ambler, PA ADOPTED!! (12/14/20) 

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Meet Bruce!  He is an ~12 yr old, 15 lb, male Chihuahua mix.

Bruce was found living in an abandoned home in Philadelphia with 2 cats! This poor old guy. He is listed as a chi mix, but he has a very deep bark! He cannot be neutered or get his teeth fixed as his heart isn't in great shape. He has been diagnosed with moderate chronic valve disease and left-sided congestive heart failure. He's currently taking 4 different pills for his ticker: Lasix 12.5 mg, Benazepril 5 mg., Pimobendan 1.25 mg., and Sprironolactone, 25 mg.


He is mostly blind (seems to see light and perhaps large objects), and he doesn't hear very well. He is not house-trained, but he will do his business outside if you are careful to take him out a lot! He sleeps in his crate all night without an accident, and wears a belly band around the house in between trips outside. He is super soft, and doesn’t shed much. He loves to burrow under a blanket or under an arm, and he loves a warm lap! He doesn't hold all of his years of neglect against anyone. Bruce needs a home with older or no children because of his vision problems,he's a fragile little guy, but he seems to love people of all sizes. He barks at other dogs at first, but seems to be fine with them once introduced. Can you give Bruce a home to live out his life with love and comfort?


People must come to Ambler, PA to meet Bruce to adopt and his adoption fee is $350.  For all inquiries, please visit

Hank - Boyertown, PA ADOPTED! 

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Meet Hank!  He is a 13 yr old, 66 lb, neutered male Pibble/Lab mix. 

Oh this sweet elder-bull!! If you've never had the love of a senior like Hank, you haven't lived.  Hank lived with a family for most of his life, is housebroken, and is just a sweet, old man who deserves to live out his life warm and loved. 


From Hank: My foster mom calls me Hank the tank because I love all the food she gives me! Especially that lamb and rice ( I’m drooling just thinking about it). Currently I’m HW+ which means I need to take 1 heartworm pill every month on the same day! My lungs aren't normal and I've had a few xrays that show that they are abnormal and have gotten worse.  I am now taking prednisone and doxycycline to help me breathe easier. I enjoy playing with stuffed toys, sitting by a fire, and taking nice walks. He takes his meds just fine and is honestly just grateful to have a quiet and soft place to park his bum. 


I don’t mind other dogs as long as they leave me alone and aren’t jumping in my face. I like kids too but older kids would be preferred because I'm pretty fragile and little kids might not respect that. If you have a quieter home and a comfy spot for me, I would love to spend the rest of my life with you!  

Hank's rescue would like him to stay relatively local to them but if you have fallen in love with him through this listing and are a bit farther,  please still reach out to his foster!  Her email is:

Izzy - Glenside, PA 1/9/21 updated 4/4/21

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Meet Izzy! She is a 5-7 yr old, ~50 lb, female spayed bull terrier mix.

Sweet Izzy!  She is crate trained, house trained, and loves her daily routine! She sleeps in her crate after putting herself to bed when the humans are winding down, but of course would prefer the bed or couch! Even though she loves her sleep, Izzy is fairly high energy and loves running around the house and yard. Because of this and her strength, she wouldn’t do well with small children.


Izzy is very affectionate and wants to be up against or completely on top of her people at all times! She may have resting sad face but she is always happy! She is currently living with other dogs but does not like sharing her toys and sometimes doesn’t like sharing her people either. Since she never learned to play nicely, the best home for Izzy would be one where she is the only dog. She does okay with other dogs in a very controlled environment, but would not be appropriate for doggy day care or dog parks. Izzy has spent some time with cats and was curious but not obsessive which shows that she may have the potential to learn how to live happily with cat friends!  


Izzy has an unidentified chronic condition that requires her to take a daily liver supplement and semi-frequent antibiotics. While her diagnosis is a bit unclear, Izzy has extensive liver damage that cannot be reversed and she experiences periodic flare ups where she is sick for a few days at a time. During these flare ups she experiences loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, and some disorientation. She responds well to antibiotics, but it is likely that she will continue to experience these bouts of illness for the rest of her life. She is still working on her leash skills but she is determined and LOVES to please!


For more information, please contact her foster at Home at Last rescue:  Her foster would be willing to help transport Izzy by driving for an hour or two to the right home!

Rex - Philadelphia, PA ADOPTED! 2/7/21

Rex 1.3.jpg
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Meet Rex!  He's an ~10 yr old, 75 lb, neutered male Rottweiler.

Hi!  I'm Rex! I was found as a stray in South Carolina and was sick of life on the run so I figured I’d come up to PA, thanks to Home at Last Rescue, to try and find my real forever people.


I walk well on the leash and am a low energy companion that only requires short walks around the block. I like the finer things in life— like fluffy dog beds, pillows and sofas. I like to nap and most of all to be pet and rubbed. My foster mom discovered my love of balls and even though I can't see great I can usually follow a bright one if you roll it for me! I like hanging with my people and give lots and lots of kisses. I have super soft fur and ears so you’ll enjoy petting me too I just know it! I am looking for a retirement home.


It was recently discovered that I have kidney disease but my foster mom got me this special food that I have to be on (and limit my treat intake :( and it can be managed. I may have a shorter lifespan because of it but I am already 10 so I am really just looking for a quiet place to call home for whatever time I have left. Ideally a quiet household with no cats and no little kids, older kids are okay!


I am really friendly and like other dogs of all sizes and find some hidden energy when other dogs are around. I have a little vision impairment but I am a happy boy anyway. I have a little arthritis too but what big old guy doesn't? Oh yeah I am doing so well with my house training foster mom is proud! If you pick me as your new buddy I promise I’ll share my couch and kisses with you!

Rex is available for adoption within ~300 miles of his rescue.  All interested parties can apply at or call 610-322-0111.

Ingrid - East Norriton, PA ADOPTED!! 2/22/21

Ingrid 1.0.jpg
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Meet Ingrid!  She is an approximately 5 yr old, 50 lb, spayed female German Shepherd dog.


My name is Ingrid and I am such a good girl! I am on the smaller side for my breed. My entire life was spent on a farm being bred over and over. My Amish owner surrendered me to Home At Last Rescue only after I developed a weakness in my rear legs.

Before we get to my medical condition, I want to tell you about my personality. I am a VERY easy going dog and just go with the flow in my foster home!  I get along well with the 3 other dogs here as well as the cat. My foster mom says I am such an absolute love who behaves better than her own personal dogs.  I am the best girl and I'm fully housebroken!


Home At Last had their orthopedic vet examine me and I was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy (DM). This is a disease affecting the spinal cord resulting in slowly progressive hind limb weakness and paralysis. Early clinical signs which I am currently showing include: hind legs knuckle or turn under (intermittently for me) and hind quarters sway when standing still (only slightly) I am not showing any other clinical signs so it would appear I am in the early stages. I also do not show any signs of pain which is common for this condition - this is a condition that creates weakness but not pain which is important! 


I know I come with a lot of baggage but If you could see past that you would be blessed with a dog that loves you with its entire being. Please consider loving me for the time I have left on this earth.

Ingrid is available for adoption relatively locally to her rescue which is near Philadelphia.  All interested parties can email:  Her adoption fee is $350.  

Liberty - Norristown, PA (near Philadelphia)ADOPTED! 3/13/21

Liberty PA 1.4.jpg
Liberty PA 1.3.jpg
Liberty PA 1.1.jpg
LIberty PA 1.2.jpg

Meet Liberty!  She is a 4 yr old, 20 lb, spayed female Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Liberty was surrender to Home At Last Dog Rescue from a commercial breeder. She is lovely purebred Corgi so she's got typical Corgi traits! She loves people of all ages and sizes and gets on great with all animals and is proven fine with cats! She loves snuggles on the sofa and to go for car rides. Like most Corgi's, she has her opinions on how things should be done...I mean, the Queen has Corgi's so they obviously know what's what!


Unfortunately, Liberty's spinal cord doesn’t communicate well with her little stumpy legs.  You can see videos on our Facebook page. She has seen a neurologist but not had an MRI. Liberty IS fully continent!!  She would love a cart to help her zoom around.  This issue doesn’t stop little miss at all. She is very , very happy. She loves being at the farm with tons of people and animals. If you think you would like a little wheelie dog please apply for our special homes only need apply! Please go to: to apply.  There are no adoption limitations but perspective adopters must come to Norristown for  a meet and greet.  

Valentino - Philadelphia, PA ADOPTED! 4/4/21

Valentino PA 1.2.jpg
Valentino PA 1.1.jpg
Valentino PA 1.0.jpg

Meet Valentino!  He is an 11 yr old, 70 lb, neutered male Pittie.

This extremely friendly, lovable guy is sure to capture your heart! He loves to cuddle, go on walks, and play with his toys. He likes to take his toys wherever he goes!  He's happiest around his people and knows how to make lounging at home look good. When the leash comes out, get ready to see some of the best tail-wagging ever!


Val gets along well with other dogs as well. Val does have low thyroid function, so he requires medication for this. He is also on a weight loss plan to stay fit and healthy! He seems housebroken but we are still figuring it out.  If you'd like to get to know more about Val, get in touch with  

Daisy Mae - Harleysville, PA ADOPTED! 4/4/21

Daisy Mae PA 1.0.jpg
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Daisy Mae PA 1.3.jpg

Meet Daisy Mae!  She is a 4 month old (as of 4/4/21), 15 lb, spayed female Pittie/Lab mix.

Daisy Mae is a sweet, happy, energetic 4 month old lab/pit mix in the care of Home at Last Rescue. She is the BEST girl!  Sadly she was recently diagnosed with mitral valve dysplasia, which is a congenital heart condition. This condition will require her to be on medication the rest of her life and she will also need to have periodic visits to the specialist. At this point we don't know how long of a life she will have but we do know she will live it to her fullest! She will need a family who is accepting and dedicated to her health and medical needs. She will reward you with endless kisses and snuggles. She is crate trained, and almost totally housebroken.  She's great with all animals including cats! 

Daisy Mae's rescue would like her to stay relatively local to them.  For more information about Daisy Mae, please email:

Oakley - Quakertown, PA 4/10/21

Oakley 1.0.jpg
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Oakley 1.3.jpg
Oakley 1.2.jpg

Meet Oakley!  He is a 9 week old, 15 lb, male Husky.

Look at this stunner!  Oakley is not only gorgeous with the softest white fluffy coat and the most piercing blue eyes around, he has the MOST loving disposition! While this sweet boy will dazzle you with his looks and win you over with his puppy kisses, unfortunately he has been dealt a very sad hand with his heart.


Oakley was born with several congenital heart abnormalities, including sub-aortic and pulmonary stenosis, septal defects and valve dysplasia. He requires a very special family who will provide him with the most loving home, continuous cardiac care, and one who will make the most of their time with him however short that may be. His cardiologist report and all medical information will be provided to his adopter. 


Oakley has no idea that he has these severe heart problems, he only knows that he is a spunky husky puppy! We aren't going to let him read his echocardiogram report!!  He loves romping around with his foster dog siblings, cuddling up with his foster momma for nap time and of course playing with toys! Oakley shouldn't go to a household with cats. 


At only nine weeks old, he is doing fantastic with house breaking, but will still need a family to work with him on normal puppy training. Huskies by nature are a high energy, rambunctious breed, so a family with husky experience would be preferred but we will talk to everybody about him! The perfect home only will be selected.  All in all, Oakley deserves a family to love, cherish him and care for his special needs. If you think Oakley could be the next member of your family, please reach out! The most expedient way to be considered is to submit an application at or send an email with any questions to:  

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