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Magoo - Simpsonville, SC 1/2/21 still available 3/10/21

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Meet Magoo!  He is a 3.5 yr old, 68 lb, neutered male Pibble type!

Magoo is a delightful and cheerful guy that greets everyone with a big smile and lots of tail wags! A gentle and affectionate boy, Magoo is pretty perfect, and everyone who meets him talks of his sugar sweet disposition.


Magoo is completely blind but does extremely well!  He doesn't let it get him down and he knows his perfect family who won't care about his special-needs is out there! His diagnosis from the veterinary ophthalmologist was Progressive Retinal Atrophy. He is in absolutely no pain and does very well for himself.


While there is no cure, Magoo doesn't mind at all. His view on life is great! He absolutely loves basking in the sunshine, adores a soft bed, can't get enough of snuggle time with his people, enjoys socializing, and most of all he LOVES going on walks! A good pal to all dogs, he has done well with all from small to giant breeds. He just prefers to eat separately from them. Cats on the other hand...they're from another planet, so they're a definite "no." Magoo would do best with older children because he's a boy!


Magoo does have allergies that affect his skin. As a result, he eats Purina One Sensitive Systems food and takes a supplement for his allergies called "Dr. Goodpet Scratch Free" (and in the really bad allergy season adds some Benadryl to the mix).


Magoo is a super intelligent, well rounded bundle of love that has one of the best smiles EVER. Not to mention, he's super handsome! This boy is a favorite of many...we can't say enough good things about him! 


Magoo's rescue (k9.5 Rescue) would like him to stay within approximately 300 miles of his rescue and can help you with transport!!  For more information, please send an email to:  You won't be disappointed! 

Finn - Simpsonville, SC 1/2/21 still available 3/10/21

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Meet Finn!  He is a 1 year old, 38 lb, neutered male hound/Dobie type mix!

Finn is...well, Finn's just awesome. Don't feel bad for him, he doesn't feel bad for himself!!  But he would love a forever home so let's share him out!!  As a puppy, Finn was the victim of some sort of trauma (possibly run over by a car), and sadly, he didn't received veterinary care. The injury broke his back two legs and where his rib cage meets his spine. The injuries were so severe that the end result was paralysis. Since he was never seen by a doctor, the bones fused together incorrectly and he never regained use of his legs. His body slightly twists to one side to compensate, and his legs can get in awkward positions.


Finn is incontinent and requires a diaper and some assistance when out on a potty break. He's so well behaved when you help him, however, and does his best to help you, as well. He is just the best!! Routine and diapers do wonders with Finn and make things much easier.


Finn's attitude is fantastic, and he doesn't feel special-needs in the slightest! He's a playful, affectionate pup who just turned a year old Dec 31st, 2020, and he's living life to the fullest! He zips around in his wheelchair like a NASCAR driver, plays with his big furry foster sister, snuggles with his foster mom on the couch and plays like any puppy would! Just watch those feet because there's nothing slowing down Finn, and he may leave a tire track on your toes! Finn not only loves all animals (and he can live iwth cats), he also adores kids! 


Finn's received physical therapy and chiropractic care, and would benefit from continued visits. He is excellent with any medical care and just passes out kisses the entire time. This social and jubilant boy has many admirers due to his spectacular disposition and determination to live a fabulous life. Not to mention he's crazy cute! We'll be happy to help any adopter along the way, so a support system is only a text, email or call away when he transitions to a new home. We promise, though, that you'll love this guy as much as we do!

Finn's rescue (k9.5 Rescue) would like him to stay within approximately 100 miles of his rescue and can help you with transport!!  For more information, please send an email to:  You won't be disappointed! 

Pattie - Columbia, SC 1/9/21 still available 3/10/21

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Meet Pattie!  She is a 2 yr old, 65 lb, spayed female Boxer mix.

Pattie was adopted from our rescue, Isle of Paws Rescue, at 11 weeks old with her littermate. The girls lived together with 4 human children until age 1 and a half. The family decided to get a new puppy and called animal control to come pick up Pattie and her sister Lucie. Could anything be more horrible? 


Our rescue was contacted since the girls still had our name on their microchips. We rushed down and got them from animal control. They were taken to our vet the next day for a full exam. It was then we were told the devastating news that Pattie was heartworm positive! So far Pattie has done great with her heartworm treatment, she is about halfway there with completion. She needs lots of rest and a relaxing atmosphere for at least another 2 months.


This girl is a beautiful soul inside and out. She is loving, sweet, smart, affectionate, playful, and of course silly as can be! She deserves a home to be loved and cherished as much as she gives back to her humans. She is housebroken, crate trained, fully vetted, spayed, microchipped and ready to kick heartworms out and start the next chapter of her life. She does not like cats, but seems ok with proper introduction of other dogs. She loves kids of all ages, but will need some manners training not to knock over small kids. She can be adopted anywhere. We are a small rescue but we can help with transport. Any interested parties can email: or find the rescue (Isle of Paws Rescue) on Facebook.  They can assist with transport for the right family!

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