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Wonder - Spring, TX (1/2/21)

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Meet Wonder!  He is a 3 yr old, 9 lb, neutered male cat. 

Arrrg, he's a pirate but he's the nicest pirate you've ever met!!! Wonder is blind due to a neurological deficit. Other than that he is healthy except for sinus allergies for which he takes a non-prescription med.  


Wonder is a large cat who loves other pets but he's a bit overwhelming to them, so can't roam free with other cats or small animals without supervision. He also will climb if allowed and needs to be supervised because once he climbs he'll jump off without knowing where he's going. He has no fear!  Talk about not knowing that you have special-needs, that's Wonder!  Wonder loves attention and loves to be brushed.  

Wonder's rescue (Sunmart Animal Rescue Team, Inc) can help with transport and he has no adoption limitations!  If you'd like to learn more about Wonder, please email:

Sugar - Houston, TX 1/31/21

Sugar TX 1.0.jpg

Meet Sugar!  She's an 11 yr old, 8 lb, spayed female Tortie cat.

Sugar is an older girl, but you wouldn't know it to meet her! She is cuddly, with clear eyes, soft tortoiseshell fur and a stubby little tail. She wants to talk with you and be petted.


Sugar has been through a lot lately, as her Foster Mom died unexpectedly leaving Sugar and 23 other cats. But the bad news doesn't stop there. After several trips to the vet, it has been confirmed that she has diabetes and will soon need to start receiving twice daily insulin injections. The Homeless and Orphaned Pets Endeavor, aka HOPE, had a volunteer lined up to do the injections for a few months until something more permanent could be found, but that volunteer had a home fire and is no longer in a good position to help. Her rescue would like Sugar to stay within approximately 50 miles while her diabetes gets under control.  She is fine with other animals!


If you would like to meet Sugar and discuss helping with her care, please write to

Susie - Houston, TX 2/7/21

Lucy 3.0.jpg

Meet Susie! She's a 15 year old, 8 lb, female spayed gorgeous white cat.

Susie is in a bad spot.  Her owner can no longer care for her and her current situation is really not working.  Susie is a really healthy 15 yr old and nobody wants her to be put down!  She is deaf from birth and has a thyroid issue so she has to take a cheap medication every day. Other than that she is a very happy cat!  She is playful, gets along really well with other animals (dogs, cats etc) and purrs when given affection.  She is also declawed. Susie isn't with a rescue, a concerned friend is really trying to help but her situation is urgent. 

Is anybody able to help find Susie a place to live out her years?  Anybody interested can reach out via email: or text/call: 832-335-6474.

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